The Infrared Physics and Technology journal (Impact Factor JCR = 1.550) has published the following article from our researchers and collaborators: “Relationship between shoulder pain and skin temperature measured by infrared thermography in a wheelchair propulsion test”.

The paper leaded by Isabel Rossignoli Fernández PhD, specialist in sport and exercise for people with a disability, focuses on the skin temperature response after a wheelchair propulsion test and its interaction with shoulder pain, since this is a very common condition in wheelchair users.

The research is the result of a cooperation between the Research Center on Physical Disability (CIDIF) of the ASPAYM Castilla y León Foundation and the research group TermoINEF of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

The objectives of the study were
(a) to analyze skin temperature measured by infrared thermography before (pre-test), one minute after (post-test) and 10 minutes after (post-10) the kinematic wheelchair propulsion test (T-CIDIF) of athletic wheelchair users;
(b) to investigate the relationship between SP and skin temperature (pre-test, post-test, post-10) after the T-CIDIF;
(c) to relate the shoulder pain with the kinematic variables of the T-CIDIF.

This research belongs to a set of studies included in the PhD work of Isabel Rossignoli, with titled: “Infrared Thermography and Shoulder Pain in Wheelchair Users”.

You can get the paper in Research Gate here.