Acibadem Sports – Sports Medical Center from Turkey and one of the Euroliga official partners organized the first International Symposium on Basketball Sciences during the celebration of the Final Four in Istambul on May 19th and 21st.
During the event world-class strength and conditioning coaches and physiotherapists from teams like Milwaukee Bucks (Tim O’leary), New York Knicks (Shimon Ishikawa) and Lithuanian Basketball National Team (Sigitas Kavaliauskas) presented their lectures. As well as this top professionals, Ismael Fernández Cuevas (co-founder of ThermoHuman) and Carlos J. López-Díaz (strength & conditioning coach of profesional athletes and PhD student in applied thermography in sports science at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) shared presentation to talk about the different possibilities that Infrared Thermography offers for basketball professionals. They focused on how this tool could aid in the injury prevention field with ThermoHuman software to facilitate the data analysis of thermographic information.
From ThermoHuman we would like to congratulate Acibadem Sports as well as the Euroliga and the Turkish Basketball Federation for the possibility to participate in this first symposium.