ThermoHuman has been selected between the 50 best startups in Spain with future projection by Emprendedores magazine.

After almost 5 years ThermoHuman was able to democratize the access of professional to the analysis of infrared images, evolving from a Java based software that we presented in the same magazine in 2011 to a cloud based app in 2016. The innovation run never stops, having to adapt your ideas to the complexity and flexibility of this era where day by day news opportunities continously appear. ThermoHuman tries to stay on the edge by turning it into reality.

We are proud to be in the same league as other outstanding startups like Job&Talent, Wallapop and Type. Those companies were able to raise several million € in different funding rounds and demonstrated that the startups ecosystem in Spain is growing fast not only in ideas but economically. Click here to check the complete list of nominated startups from 1 to 50 (look for number 43).

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