Study of Infrared Thermography at the Polytechnic University of Madrid

The idea begin in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) where a group of students tried to solve a problem proposed by a professor in the Master’s Degree subject called “New technologies applied to sports science”


Pema Group, first research group to study medical thermography

Initially called pemaGROUP, the research group created in the Faculty of Sports Sciences (INEF) in Madrid dedicated their efforts to generate the first scientific content in sports thermography. Data from a professional football 1st Division Team was acquired from preseasons 2008 and 2009 where a reduction of 70% in muscle injuries was found after giving feedback to the technical staff using Infrared Thermography during the preseason.


Infrared thermography applied to sports and physiotherapy

pemaGROUP was awarded as the best business idea in the startup competition CIADE from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


Prize for the best thermography company applied to sports and medicineAwarded as the best technological company of Madrid in MadrI+D awards.


Award for the best company in infrared thermography softwareAwarded between the 4th best biotech startups of Europe in the most prestigious startup competition South Summit 2015.


Creation of Thermohuman, thermographic software company applied to healthThermoHuman became a global company opening the sports thermography market in different countries all over the world and became member of Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) powered by Microsoft..


Sale of thermographic camera together with the Thermographic softwareThermoHuman collaborates in the design of FLIR T410SP thermographic camera. The SP line becomes the first thermal camera specially designed for human sports performance.