• Injury prevention

    Injury prevention

    Detect potential injuries

  • Injury follow-up

    Injury follow-up

    Manage injury evolution

  • Load assimilation

    Load assimilation

    Understand training responses

  • Initial assessment

    Initial assessment

    Identify physiological alterations

ThermoHuman is the applied understanding of human body thermal interactions. Built for everybody from the field of sports, health or research, our system has been designed to provide cutting-edge technology to improve the injury prevention decision making at all levels.

ThermoHuman Cloud Services

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  • Research

  • Performance


Our solution is updated day by day with the scientific ecosystem that we have been creating since 2008 in order to increase the knowledge of infrared thermography in humans. This evidence-based approach of ThermoHuman provides thermal analytics that potentially, enhance performance, understand training load reactions, prevent injuries and optimize injury management. Our aim is to simplify the complex decision system delivering useful information to optimize the daily routine of sports science and health professionals.

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Handling The Thermal Camera

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Handling The Thermal Camera